Public Courses

Eclat London builds and delivers short executive courses in management, finance and leadership as well as industry specific programs for business Professionals. Our courses have controlled open enrolment process. The expert faculty, the extensively researched course material, the co-trainees and the course location are all carefully chosen to create a thriving learning environment that make this training unique. Eclat London trainees also benefit from the support of an alumni community for continuous exchange of experiences and ideas.

We develop our training in different approaches

Public Courses

These courses are of the shelf programs, we have developed over the years, our trainers have delivered them tens of times and we are sure of there role in the trainee development and how they add value to your skills. We deliver them in London, Istanbul and Dubai, the usual length is usually 3, 4 or five days. The training venue is a 4 or 5 star city centre hotels, the format is 9:00 am to 5:00 pm with one hour lunch break and two 15 minutes tea breaks. the lunch is usually provided as part of the course in the same hotel where the training is running to insure maximum mix with the instructor and co-trainees.

All the courses listed are also offered in-house formats, further more, we work closely with clients to design tailor made programs that fits the client knowledge and strategy requirements.

Go Ahead, Select Your Subject Area of Interest

What if You Can Not Find What You Want?

Talent Management Consulting

Eclat London is a learning solutions organisation, we provide advice to individuals and corporates on the best methods to manage careers and talent.

If you can not find what you want please contact us, For individuals we will give comprehensive Career Planning Advice and for corporates we will work closely with you to align your training programs  with your corporate strategy, and tailor training programs when needed.

Tailor-Made In-House and Sponsored Courses

Other Subjects Eclat London Provide Training on.

Under the subject areas labelled above we sub-classify other subjects , for example:

  • Financial Modelling, Financial Analysis, Valuation, IPOs, Mergers & Acquisitions , Private Equity and LBOs are all classified under Corporate Finance.
  • Human Resources, Change Management, Corporate Culture, personal Development and Emotional Intelligence are all classified under Leadership and Management Development

Please search our course catalogue, and contact us if you can not find what you want.

Personality Typing

Eclat London, dedicates special attention to personality typing , we have partnered with the major players in the industry and continuously conduct primary research in this area.

Our Personality Type Report is comprehensive and detailed ( Please Visit the Personality Types Page to find out what is included) This report helps organisations and  corporates  optimise the result derived from the talent available , sharpens recruitment and selection processes, and support all change initiatives  .

Individuals use this report not only to manage their careers but also their personal lives.

Please visit the Personality Type to conduct a free online test.