In House Training

Whether you have constraints on time or budget, or you wish the training to be delivered in your working environment, in-house training might be the perfect solution. Our Specialised team will work closely with you to tailor-make the training agenda and align the training with your strategy and development needs of your team.

Why to Train In-House

Lower Cost

Running the training course on your premises, saves costs on three facets. Firstly, the cost of travel for your employees.  Secondly the cost of time away from the office, and most importantly the way we charge for in-house courses is per day rather than per delegate, which can be more economical especially if you have higher number of employees to train.

Customised Course Content

There are a number of ways we can create the needed course for your training needs aligned with your strategy. You can work with our expert team to amend one of our ready courses, or we can work with you to create a bespoke training program.  Either way you have total control over the course content.

Logistics flexibility

You can choose where and when the training takes place. With in-house training you have the flexibility to choose the date, time, location and venue that is most convenient for you and your team.


You can work closely with our faculty to get the training delivery focussed on particular challenges you are facing in your organisation. In addition to customising the course content this allows you to customise the way the course is delivered.