Change Consulting


Organisations have spent millions of  dollars over the years on executive training, but very little improvements , if any, have been achieved.

In fact, Many Senior Managers Today are aggressively trying to transform their companies, seeking radically to improve performance by changing behaviours and capabilities throughout the organisation, unfortunately most leadership groups lack proven methods to guarantee the success of these change initiatives.

We at Eclat London work closely with our clients, on a carefully crafted long term engagements, usually one to five years, to achieve radical improvements by focusing strategies, process re-engineering, culture change initiatives , organisational re-structuring, and leadership mentoring and focusing among many other methods.

Please contact us to discuss the initiative you require and the challenge you are facing and we will work together so you achieve competitive advantage and conduct successful change initiative that transform your organisation. We also work with CEOs on confidential coaching initiatives where we help them develop the right leadership for successful orgnisational transformation effort.