Strategy and Mission

Eclat London Mission

We believe its our mission and duty to shape the future of corporate culture to be transformed for better efficiency and social responsibility. We enable change through transferring knowledge and experience.


Our overarching corporate objective is to achieve sustainable, profitable growth and thus to increase the value of the business . We strive to attain the leading position in all our businesses.

  • Leadership in research with focus on local markets we operate in.

We study the local culture for, bring international experience with local customization to enable change and provide methods that achieved results.

  • Delighted Clients

We create value for our clients with leading products enabling change and transformation for their organisations and for the leaders. In addition to short executive training programs and round tables we aim to create value through customized long term engagements and consultations where we work with our Clients on a step by step program until they achieve competitive advantage .

  • World Class Instructors and Consultants

We understand that the key to our success is our people, we have engaged the world leaders of industries to work with us and create value for our clients, we will continue to develop the core talent within our teams and to team up with industry experts to continue to be at the forefront of result achieving consultants.


Areas of Strategic Focus

We aim to achieve our objectives in four strategic focus areas: We will continue to strengthen our core business, grow globally, lead research and push digitization.

  • Strengthen Core Business
  • Grow Globally
  • Lead Research
  • Push digitization